Hello World!

Hello Everyone! My name is Bret and I have tried this blogging thing several times over the years never really able to stick with it. I have bounced between Wordpress and Ghost over the past few years. While I never see myself writing any award winning prose I find the idea of a place to collect thoughts and ideas as one that can ultimately be beneficial. Lately I have found myself on a path attempting to learn and grow in the information technology world. I envision this new space as somewhere to document parts of that journey as well as a catch bin for thoughts, notes and guides for my own future reference. If others find anything useful then that would be awesome but if not a single other person reads this I am OK with that. My one promise to anyone that does stumble across this site is there will never be any ads or tracking on this site. If you have somehow stumbled across this site - Thanks for coming! If you have any suggestions or tips please feel free to reach out I am always interested in hearing from other knowledgeable and exciting people. - Bret

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